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Jan Gnass near Trail Pass

Shortly after moving to Bishop, CA in 1990 I began trail running. After running a few ultras, I saw room for improvement over the various light weight plastic bags that were commonly used. 1995 found me training and preparing for my first trail 100, Western States and part of my prep work was to design a simple and functional  drop bag to use at the run.  When I arrived at Squaw Valley I had four bright orange drop bags my brother had made for me.  The bags kept my gear securely together and were easy to spot and identify in the aid stations.

In the late eighties I had been  a partner in Sweetwater Sewing Co., a small  company that designed and made soft luggage, packs and totes.  It was this experience that enabled me to start my next  business making the Runner's Drop Bag in 2001. 

Today High Desert Drop Bags are the same well-made drop bags as the ones I first made; solidly sewn and showing  attention to detail.  I have made minor changes in their appearance  without compromising function.  The bags have served  many runners well  in protecting their gear from the weather and rough handling.

High Desert Drop Bags are made in the U.S.A. in Bishop, CA


Jan Gnass, Owner

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